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Your Lashes Are Our Passion

Customizing A Unique Look For Every Eye

Your Lashes Are Our Passion

Customizing A Unique Lokk For Every Eye

Your Lashes Are Our Passion

Customizing A Unique Look For Every Eye

Waxing In Aubrey Texas

Waxing is considered one of the most effective ways to get rid of unwanted hair and get smooth and silky skin. Drug-store waxing strips and DIY waxing often turn disastrous leaving you with red and blotchy skin than turn to rashes and uneven skin tone. Often times, if not always, you miss out spots and feel embarrassed in public with that hairy streak of line. Not to mention some spots are impossible to reach on your own. We provide professional full-body waxing that after care treatment so your skin looks glowing and smooth.

Advantages of Waxing

Shaving or removing hair with hair removal creams gives you smooth skin for a max of one day. You will feel painful stubble on the shaved area afterwards. Waxing removes the hair from the roots and iit’s removes the upper layer of dead cells. Your skin looks extra smooth after waxing and stays that way for a long time, sometimes even over a week. The hair that grows after waxing is softer unlike shaved area that grows thicker hair. If you use waxing as your routine hair removal method in few years the density of the hair decreases naturally.

Waxing can be done for many different areas of your body. Some of them are:

Facial waxing- Facial waxing can remove facial hair in a safe and pain free way. Many women detest shaving or threading their face, both have adverse effects that you don’t want. In regards, waxing, especially modern bead waxing helps in removing hair in much more effective way.


Underarm waxing- Underarms could be considered the most trickiest places to wax. Do it wrongly and you could seriously burn yourself. Our professionals have high quality wax and years of knowledge to do underarm waxing the perfect way. 


Waxing Legs and Arms- Getting rid of hair in arms and legs is a straight forward job, you probably do it every few days. However, you need to go to that special date or attend a party, you would have stubble-free silky smooth skin. 


Waxing other parts- We also perform waxing on sensitive areas such as bikini and stomach wax. We have specially trained professionals who are specifically trained to wax sensitive areas. Our topical creams, and expert waxing technique minimises pain and maximises beauty.


Why choose us?

We provide the best possible waxing for any or all occasions. You can come for regular visits or you can fix an appointment for a specific date. Our professionals are always ready to help you no matter the type of waxing service you need.

Call us today to make an appointment.


“Thank you so much! I love my lashes! Thank you for your patience. It was my first time and she made the experience very pleasant.”

Corey Lea Ramirez-Fitzgerald

“The best place I have ever done my Eyebrows. Ms K is has very soft hand and she does threading painless. I highly recommend!!!!!”

Gita Mainali

“Nice services and light hand. My brows looks beautiful!!!!”

Manisha Jain