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Microblading In Aubrey Texas

Microblading is a brow-tattoo for women with very less or no brow hair. Eyebrows can change the way a woman looks, full eyebrows can define your face, make it look beautiful and enhance its features. Many women have very thin brow hairs or have lost brow hairs due to medical reasons, microblading is perfect for such women. The pigments used in microblading is not the same as in traditional tattoo. The pigments are of higher quality, the tattoo looks like natural hair once used in the brow bone. A professional makeup tattoo artist uses precise and natural stokes to give your brows a natural and fuller look. The pigment gently fades over time, you can talk to the professional for more information on the pigment.

How Long Is The Appointment?

It takes around two hours. The time often depends on the efficiency of the professional. The consultation includes, you talking to the professional to make sure you both are on the same page. A certified professional will take measurements on your brow bone, they will decide where the pigments will go, where they will draw the hair, the shape, the colour, the fullness etc. Every single strand is meticulously drawn to make the brows look symmetric and natural.

micro bladding

Does Microblading Hurt?

Microblading hurts very little. Having said that, pain tolerance is different for everyone, what hurts less to someone could be unbearable for others. It also depends on the makeup professional. An experienced artist makes it hurt less than someone who has started working yesterday. Good thing is, a topical anaesthetic cream is applied to the area to make it numb. You will feel slight discomfort and nothing else.

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