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Henna Art In Aubrey Texas

Have you ever been to an Indian wedding, looked at the bride’s hands and wondered what’s that beautiful decoration on her hand? Well, that’s henna. Were you intrigued? Do you want one for yourself? Why one learn about it a little bit.

Why Henna Over Other Temporary Tattoos

It’s organic. There are no chemicals involved and some scientific research says henna is good for the skin. Henna is safe on the skin if used in its natural form without any added chemicals. The colour fades eventually disappearing within a week of application.


How Is Henna Applied

It can be applied to any part of the body. It is usually applied by piping it out of a plastic cone. A professional henna artist can make intricate patterns free handed however stencils can be used as well.

Drawing an intricate pattern may take hours, just like traditional tattoos. Once the pattern is drawn, keep it untouched for three to four hours for maximum pigmentation. Once the paste dries completely, the dry flakes can be rubbed off. It is advised not to wash hands before 12 hours of application.

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