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Individual Eyelashes Extensions

We all know how tedious makeup routines can be. In this pacy world, not every woman or a teenager has enough time for her beauty routine. In such a situation, Individual Eyelashes Extensions can be a real-life saviour. It allows you to walk out of your house like a queen, spending minimum time on makeup every day. Sounds like the perfect thing for almost all of us, right?

Before you rush down that phone to book an appointment, let’s know what Individual Eyelashes Extensions are, how long they last and other crucial aspects. All these will help you judge whether you should go for them or not. So, without any further delay, let’s get started with the topic.

What are Individual Eyelashes Extensions?

Individual Eyelashes Extensions are natural or synthetic eyelash fibres that are glued over your natural lashes. Indeed the process is time-consuming, but it’s not as painful as it sounds.

The main reason they are being preferred all over the world is that these can be customized easily. Since these are glued individually, they give you the freedom of customization and look almost real.

How long do the eyelashes last?

If you are already wondering how long do they last, then let me tell you that too. These extensions can last from a minimum of 6 weeks to a maximum of 8 weeks. After the specified time, your extension fibres will start losing out.

It sounds like they might ruin your appearance, right? Well, not true. Once, the fibres start to fall out, reach out to your stylist and get the lashes glued back. In short, you can choose to have them as long as you want.

Do they affect your natural eyelashes in any way?

We find tons of articles, and each one is different in some way. Some claim that Individual Eyelashes Extensions can affect the health of your natural eyelashes. Well, let me tell you, it’s partly true. There isn’t enough evidence that these extensions affect you in any way.

However, there are chances that they might trigger alopecia if are quite ignorant towards their care and follow an improper application routine. In such a situation, yes they might affect your eyelashes drastically.

So, make sure, when you are getting your eyelashes done, choose a stylist that takes enough safety precautions while applying them. Use of sanitiser, sterilized tweezers, mask, fresh eyelash brushes, and sanitary pillow covers, all these are must for him or her.

Can you wear eye makeup before getting your extensions?

No, you can’t. You can’t wear any eyeliner, mascara, or eye shadow before getting your Individual Eyelashes Extensions. Moreover, you should not take a shower for a minimum of 24 hours after you get them done. All these can affect the result, and you should ignore them at any cost.

Now, if you are looking forward to getting your Individual Eyelash Extensions in Little Elm, TX, you should be aware that there are dozens of high-quality salons that can help you get the same. The trend is quite common all over the world. So, read a little more about it before reaching your decision of getting those queen like extensions.

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